Panels & Events

We believe in offering the best that the community has to offer! Yes, our guests come full of expertise, knowledge, and cool stories. But we want YOU too!

This is your time to shine! Whether it’s sharing  cosplay tips, building a solid resume for jobs in the gaming industry, how to draw, or providing mental health guidance and resources, we say bring it right here to WOWCon Beyond. 


We encourage you to apply using the button below. Even if you’re a first-timer we still say apply! You never know you just might be selected to present your topic or workshop! 


Have a more detailed event in mind that you’d like for us to consider? Please send a proposal to our Programming Staff at

Panel Application

And F.A.Q.

Panel Application Guidelines

Our goal is offer diverse topics of discussion or ideas that we believe will be a benefit to attendees and the community.

Potential panelists are more than welcome to submit more than one application, but they most be in different categories. 

In order for an application to be considered, we ask that you are as detailed as possible when completing the application.

Incomplete applications will be rejected. Submitting multiple applications for the same panel will also be rejected. 

Access to audio/visual equipment will be available and must be made known in the application. 

We maintain a strict No-Tolerance policy. Applicants who submit an application with inappropriate and/or harmful content will be rejected and applicant will not be allowed to attend WOWCon Beyond. 

Application Deadlines

Deadline for submission is January 31, 2024!

What happens if I'm approved?

All approved panelists will be contacted via email with additional information from Programming regarding next steps!  

Prohibited Topics

Prohibited topics include but are not limited to:


– NSFW content 

– Any variation of anti-women and/or LGBTQIA+ topics

– Anything that promotes violence towards self and/or others

– Sexualizing minors in ANY form (both in real life and animation/anime)


Any questions about specific topics can be directed to