From Denton to Dallas and Back Again

Who we are


Established in 2014, our event, originally known as the Creative Women's Conference, was founded with a desire to increase awareness and recognition of women working in creative industries. Our event is a platform that educates and informs its guests about women’s accomplishments, achievements, and challenges within comics, animation, film, music and beyond.

our TEAM

As a group that is both majority women-led and black-owned, we understand the hardships and tribulations associated with our endeavors. Our attendees and guests can recognize that our intentions are genuine and earnest as we strive to generate respect and admiration for what women bring to the table.

our plans

Our aim is to nurture a lasting and ever-growing community of female mentors, equipping the next generation of young ladies with the tools they need to effect change. We invite these women to join us in our mission to empower and uplift those seeking to create a better world this event and meetups.